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A challenging hike, rewarded with a stunning view from the peak over 1/6 part of Norway. The starting point for this hike to the 1883m above sea level high mountain top is at the parking called “Stavsro” at 1173m above sea level. The hike takes about 2-3 hours. On the summit there is the Tourist Association’s 100-year old stone cabin “Gaustatoppen Turisthytte” where they serve coffee, waffles, drinks etc. Open every day during the summer until the beginning of September, and in the weekends in September/October until the Autumn holiday (mid-October).

Day Hike on the Hardangervidda:

The cable car Krossobanen whisks you up, out of Rjukan, up to 900m above sea level. A beautiful starting point for day hikes and a great view over Rjukan and to Gaustatoppen.

Take the M/B Fjellvåken over lake Møsvatn to Mogen Turisthytte.

Tracking and multi-day hikes:

DNT, the Norwegian tracking Association has turisthytter all over the Hardangervidda. Rjukan is the perfect starting point. There are several starting points, but highly recommended is the boat trip with the M/B Fjellvåken over lake Møsvatn to Mogen Turisthytte


Take the M/B Fjellvåken over lake Møsvatn. The season start around the 25th of June until the first week of September.
Charter trips on request.

The Saboteur’s trail:

A 8 km long trail/hike near the gorge at Vemork (industri arbeidersmuseum). The Saboteur’s trail is a trail with history. The world-famous Norwegian resistance used this trail during difficult circumstances in World War 2, to blow up the Heavy Water plant at Vemork.
Along the trail are information boards telling this story/history. Guided tours are also possible and take about 2 hours.
In the museum Vemork there is an excellent exhibition about all sabotages.


Krokan and the Surrounding Area:

A good place for interesting hikes in a beautiful countryside. Some of the trails: Krokandilten, Sluskedilten or go down in the gorge near Vemork.