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Sun Festival

In April we celebrate the return of the sun to Rjukan. After five months of shade it is now time to let our hair down a bit. This a tradition which has been followed since 1925. Processions and parades take place in the streets of Rjukan. People wear fancy dress and the town echoes with the sound of music played by brass bands. Many people, both locals and visitors, gather along the route. The Herald's Procession ends up at the market square where the Herald announces the programme of events for the day. The Sun Prince/Princess makes a speech to his/her subjects and issues orders for the day of his/her rule. The Sun Child of the Year, i.e. the child born closest to the day on which the sun returns, is also announced. The Sun Child receives many fine gifts from Rjukan's business community, including a beautiful cradle made in Tessungdalen. The Sun Award is presented to one person in Norway who: "has contributed towards spreading sunshine and joy to the Norwegian people through their work and their conduct". The best costumes are chosen and prizes are awarded to both individuals and groups. During the course of the day people are able to participate in various different events, and in the evening there is dancing and fun to be had at numerous venues in the town.