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Vemork, Industri Arbeider Museum

In the beginning of 1900 the Rjukan Waterfall provided the basis for the world’s largest power station “Vemork”, also the 1st water power plant of Norway. The station has now been converted into a museum, the Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum.

One of the exhibitions is the astonishing story of the generation of energy and industrial development at Rjukan and in Norway. The large hall with some of the old turbines is also part of the exhibition.

The Heavy Water Sabotages
This is perhaps what Vemork is best known for, the presentation and the exhibition of one of the most important acts of sabotage during the second world war. The documentary “If Hitler had the bomb” in the cinema room shows how Norwegian saboteurs prevented the Germans from developing nuclear weapons from the heavy water produced in the factory in front of Vemork.

This museum is open the whole year.